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The intelligent integrated electrical control system of drilling rig module represents the technical application trend of land and offshore drilling rig module. The system adopts redundant system structure based on computer control, full digital DC speed regulation drive or digital vector frequency conversion drive control scheme and network technology. It integrates the main drive system, power system, MCC system, drilling instrument system, sound and picture communication system. The integration and intellectualization of drilling rig module can be realized. Realize the functions of control, optimization, early warning, alarm and all linked sales.

System features:
Integrated control
Redundant control system, improve the reliability of the system
Automatic drilling control to improve drilling engineering quality
Automatic protection of turntable against reverse and overload
The integrated driller's platform can flexibly expand the control connection with other equipment and optimize the operation process
computer management system
All digital visual management
Type of AC variable frequency drive system:
Single drive
Common DC bus drive

System Configuration:
Power management: medium voltage distribution system, full digital generator control system
Transmission system: winch, rotary table, mud pump control system, low voltage power distribution, MCC system, automatic control system, driller control system, integrated instrument control system and electrical control room.

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