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Report: offshore oil and gas production has become an important energy growth pole in China
Datetime:2021-04-26 09:41:15    views:270

CNOOC (hereinafter referred to as CNOOC) issued the 2020 sustainable development report of CNOOC (hereinafter referred to as "report") on 23《 The report shows that in 2020, CNOOC has achieved a total oil and gas output of 107.7 million tons of oil equivalent, oil trade volume of 128million tons, and domestic oil and gas output of 65.3 million tons of oil equivalent, all of which have reached a record high. Among them, domestic crude oil increased 2.4 million tons year-on-year, accounting for more than 80% of the national crude oil production growth. Offshore oil and gas production has become an important energy growth pole in China.
The report shows that in 2020, CNOOC produced 11.11 million tons of finished oil, imported LNG 29.75 million tons, natural gas power generation capacity of 20.7 billion kwh, domestic natural gas sales of 59.9 billion cubic meters, and paid profit and tax fees of 81.6 billion yuan; All six designated poverty alleviation counties and cities of CNOOC have been removed from poverty in advance; Novel coronavirus pneumonia, China CNOOC donated more than 60 thousand tons of various kinds of epidemic prevention materials, and donated more than 6000 yuan.
Meanwhile, the report reviews the achievements of CNOOC development during the 13th five year plan“ During the 13th Five Year Plan period, China's offshore oil and gas exploration made a major breakthrough, with 1.3 billion tons of proved oil geological reserves; The geological reserves of natural gas are 500billion cubic meters; The total production of crude oil is 383 million tons, and the natural gas is 11.6 billion cubic meters; A number of large and medium-sized oil and gas fields, such as "Bozhong 19-6" and "Kenli 6-1", have been discovered successively, and the reserve resource base has been further consolidated.
To promote green and low-carbon transformation, release and implement the action plan for green development, 14 enterprises won the title of national and industrial green factories, and the market volume of natural gas supply in 2020 accounted for 18% of the country; The installed capacity of natural gas power generation increased to 8.31 million KW; CNOOC's first offshore wind power project was put into operation smoothly; The project of "gasification of Yangtze River" and "gasification of Pearl River" was launched.
One belt, one road, has been increasing the proportion of oil and gas production to nearly 40% in the past 5 years. Access to Abu Dhabi offshore project; Successfully built the core process module of Russia yamar project; Put into operation the second phase chemical project of shell, and realize the third phase cloud signing; He participated in China International Import Expo for three consecutive years, with a transaction amount of 30 billion US dollars.
In terms of adhering to innovation driven, CNOOC has deployed 35 major scientific and technological projects in 7 major fields in the past five years; Won 8 National Science and technology awards; Actively promote digital transformation and intelligent development, and the unmanned rate of offshore platform has reached 11.3%.
Since taking on the designated poverty alleviation task, CNOOC has invested more than 750 million yuan in aid funds; To help Xiahe County, cooperative city, Zhuozi County, Hainan Province, Wuzhishan, and NIMA County, Tibet, to get rid of poverty and remove hats; In the past five years, RMB 169 million was invested to carry out marine ecological environment protection and other public welfare charity activities.

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