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How to coordinate the work of carbon peak, carbon neutralization and climate change?
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Since the beginning of this year, temperature changes in many parts of the world, such as roller coaster ride, record cold and warm weather have followed, and the rare dust weather has sounded an alarm for mankind. As one of the most serious challenges facing the world, climate change characterized by global warming is bringing many impacts and risks to the ecological environment and economic and social development.
The reporter learned from the China Meteorological Bureau that recently, the work plan for strengthening climate change of China Meteorological Bureau (hereinafter referred to as "work plan") was issued. Yaoxuexiang, director of science and technology and climate change division of China Meteorological Bureau, said that the work plan clearly defined the key points of the next step of climate change, strengthened its advantages and expanded fields, further strengthened the cross disciplinary and cross-disciplinary integration development, comprehensively improved the decision-making and consulting capacity of the national strategy to deal with climate change, guaranteed climate security and helped the construction of ecological civilization.
Meteorological department provides solid support services for climate change response
The report on global climate situation 2020 issued by the World Meteorological Organization indicates that 2011-2020 is the warmest decade since the global instrumental measurement record. The carbon dioxide concentration of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere reaches 410ppm, the highest in nearly 800000 years. Global warming is deeply affecting the global environment, politics, economy and social security.
Coping with climate change is a common cause for all mankind“ The major announcement issued by China to achieve carbon peak by 2030 and "achieving carbon neutralization by 2060" once again released China's determination to firmly follow the green and low carbon development path and lead the construction of global ecological civilization and beautiful world.
Yaoxuexiang said that as the basic science and technology support department for national response to climate change, the China Meteorological Bureau issued the work plan in the year of the opening of the 14th five year plan, centering on positioning and identifying the current and future climate change work force points, and clarifying the overall requirements, main objectives and key tasks of climate change during the 14th five year plan, The overall improvement of the ability to cope with climate change reflects the responsibilities and responsibilities of meteorological departments.
It is understood that for a long time, China Meteorological Bureau has made great progress in the mechanism research of climate change detection attribution, the development of global and regional climate system models and climate change impact assessment. The research and development of climate system model has reached the leading domestic and international comparable level, and has participated in the assessment process of the Intergovernmental Panel on climate change (IPCC), Safeguard the rights and interests of China and developing countries from a scientific point of view. Over the years, it has actively participated in the overall deployment of the country to deal with climate change, which has provided important support for the internal and external diplomacy of climate change, and made positive contributions to the protection of national climate security, support of ecological civilization construction and sustainable development.
On the other hand, the work of coping with climate change is an important part of meteorological cause, an important grasp of the construction of ecological civilization of meteorological service and the new journey of building a socialist modernization country in an all-round way, and one of the core contents of the overall realization of meteorological modernization.
Therefore, the work programme focuses on three main objectives for the next three to five years: to provide more abundant scientific data and product services for the national and local response to climate change; The regional climate change risk assessment capacity reached the international advanced level in the same period; The contribution and influence of participating in global climate governance have been significantly improved.
Continuously enhance the advantages in scientific research on climate change
In the hualiguan mountain, Qinghai, 3816 meters above sea level, the Chinese atmospheric base Observatory, Waliguan station, stands still. This is one of the 31 global reference stations of the World Meteorological Organization global atmospheric observation system. At present, the only continental global reference station in the hinterland of Eurasia and the only global atmospheric base station in China. Here, the carbon dioxide curve drawn from the observation data of long-term series is called "waligan curve".
The reporter learned that China Meteorological Bureau has been committed to providing more abundant scientific data and product services to deal with climate change, providing higher-quality decision-making suggestions, and enhancing China's influence and discourse power in the field of international climate change.
Previously, China's first generation of global atmospheric / land reanalysis system and products (CRA) were officially operational, breaking the current situation of China's climate change research dependence on foreign reanalysis products.
Yaoxuexiang pointed out that the work plan specifically proposed nine key tasks on "highlighting the key points and improving the strategic capacity of serving the country", involving strengthening strategic planning and policy research, building national greenhouse gas observation network, enhancing the monitoring capacity of climate change in vulnerable bearing areas, and continuously strengthening scientific research and research and development of earth system model We will carry out impact assessment for key industries and fields, strengthen the construction of climate change database, strengthen the scientific utilization and protection of climate resources, strengthen the scientific and technological support and negotiation team capacity building of the Intergovernmental Panel on climate change (IPCC), and do a good job in decision support of the National Climate change expert committee.
The basic principle is to adhere to the scientific, objective and accurate development orientation of the Meteorological Bureau of China in response to climate change; The system and overall nature of the observation system construction should be strengthened, and the independence and international comparability of the research conclusions should be strengthened; Actively adapt and promote China's Climate Governance from participation to leading and leading development.
Strengthen interdisciplinary and cross domain cross integration and enhance the ability of decision-making and consultation on climate change
To achieve the goals of carbon neutralization before 2030 and 2060 years ago, it is related to local economic development, traditional industry transformation, investment in emerging fields, and personal consumption adjustment, cross industry and cross field cooperation, and international cooperation is also needed.
How to create an efficient and diverse climate change working system through reform and structural optimization in the next three to five years? Yaoxuexiang pointed out that the work plan clearly proposed deepening the reform of the system and mechanism and building a new pattern of innovative and dynamic climate change work. We will create a new situation in climate change work around the goal of reaching peak carbon and strong advantages of carbon neutralization vision and expanding fields.
How should national regional provincial layout be used to deal with climate change《 The work plan proposes to establish a work system with national climate change innovation as the leading, regional climate change as the common demonstration and provincial climate change as its characteristic service. Among them, the tasks of climate change center of China Meteorological Bureau, greenhouse gas and carbon neutralization monitoring and assessment center of China Meteorological Bureau and wind energy solar energy center of China Meteorological Bureau will be completed in 2021.
The center for greenhouse gas and carbon neutralization monitoring and assessment of China Meteorological Bureau has been put into operation. According to the work plan, it will strive to take 3-5 years to become the core supporting institution for the research and application technology development of greenhouse gas and carbon neutralization monitoring and assessment in China, and improve the monitoring and evaluation capacity of regional and urban carbon sinks.
"Next, China Meteorological Bureau will strengthen the cross disciplinary and cross-disciplinary and cross-disciplinary integration development while laying a solid foundation." Yaoxuexiang said that the work plan put forward a number of initiatives, such as studying the significance and impact of national strategies such as carbon peak and carbon neutralization on climate change work in meteorological departments, and strengthening the impact of climate change on economic development, industrial structure layout, spatial planning and other research; The quantitative and dynamic assessment of disaster risk is carried out in the key directions of food security, water resources, ecological environment, human health and infrastructure.
"At the same time, as the office of the national climate change expert committee, China Meteorological Bureau will continue to make decision support, and around the implementation of the Paris Agreement, the realization of the carbon peak target and the carbon neutralization vision, the implementation of the" 14th five year plan ", the national strategy for climate change adaptation in 2035, and the development of the action plan for peak emission of carbon dioxide emissions by 2030 We will conduct decision-making consultation in the research and role play of Sino US relations. " Yao said.

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